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At 15:00 on September 26, at the Shanghai New International Expo Center CISMA (China International Sewing Equipment Exhibition) site, Tianjin Fu Yee Group held a "fourth-generation machine Cheerful media conference," Fu Yee Group chairman Li Jinning Mr., Miss Wang Junling, General Manager Fu Yee Group internal trade center, Cheerful brand dealers, agents and other partners, and more than 20 industries mainstream media, the national media guests attended the conference.
Conference, general manager of domestic trade center Wang Junling Fu Yee Group introduced Cheerful CISMA this exhibition themes, especially focusing on the world's first fourth-generation machine - Cheerful automatic sewing machine template development and application of the sewing machine known as the "fourth generation machine" for innovation and a pioneer of the complete end of the sewing industry, "one person, one machine" model, has aroused great interest of the audience and off.
26, 6 pm, "the 20th anniversary of the brand Cheerful Party" was held in Shanghai Huangpu River, and a success for the next 20 years of development, "Fu Yi" brand new impetus, but also gives a new mission.
The fourth generation of the machine's original "bridge structure"
According to general manager Fu Yee Group internal trade center Wang Junling, the current development of the global sewing machine industry has experienced four generations of products.
The emergence of the first generation of sewing machines to the hand or arm pedal-driven sewing machine represented, is the use of artificial power; the second generation of the machine is the motor power, the main belt drive and direct drive in two, ordinary sewing machine , computer sewing machine, computer belong to the second generation of the long arm sewing machine; the third generation of the invention of the sewing machine, sewing box is automatically driven arm based computer sewing machine, computer electric sewing, such as computer tricks machine , simple modification of the long arm of CNC machines. In short, the general characteristics of a sewing machine of the previous three generations - based on "arm structure," which, this structure greatly limits the sewing machine sewing area and extended functions.
For the first three generations of the sewing machine structure short board, recently, Cheerful developed a fourth-generation machine - automatic template sewing machine, the fourth generation of this unique machine uses a "bridge structure", full computer control, its biggest features: long, high-speed, accurate, intelligent variable speed, stitch free, slit cut integration, electromechanical integration, scalability, and its products include automatic computer sewing machine templates, CNC CNC sewing machine.
According to Wang Junling introduced the fourth generation of sewing rich Yifa Ming landmark, so in this year's August 7, Cheerful fourth-generation machine the State Intellectual Property Office issued the "utility model patent certificate"; August 27 "Cheerful automatic sewing system template and technological achievements appraisal meeting" held in Tianjin, the evaluation committee academician Chen Guoliang and other seven experts, Cheerful automatic template for sewing system technology to give full recognition, identified as "the leading international "project; in addition, Cheerful automatic sewing machine template CISMA organizers also awarded the 2013 award of new products sewing equipment. Thus, Cheerful become the fourth generation of the founder of the sewing machine, sewing process once again leading the revolution; sewing industry "a sewing a person" model, has also been Cheerful automatic sewing system complete end template.
 Cheerful company also expects fourth-generation machine will go through three major stages: the head does not turn, linking the first phase plane; head rotation, the second phase of looping plane; sewing perspective, so as to achieve complete control of the sewing bionic robot, which is the third stage.
A four-generation machine can replace four people
Currently, garment manufacturing companies face the following six major bottlenecks: recruitment difficulties, labor expensive, aging practices, production efficiency is not high, the long period of training skilled workers, high product quality differentiation. These are the bottleneck restricting the development of garment enterprises. The emergence of a fourth generation automatic template Cheerful sewing system, breaking the limitations of the first three generations of the sewing machine, can solve the garment manufacturers are facing these six problems.
It is understood, Cheerful this new product line just look, it was Canadian owned enterprises in China - Tianjin Tianshi Leisure Products Co., the first to use. The company will introduce the first batch of five Cheerful product: namely, two heads, four heads and 6 heads automatic sewing machine template - after hearing the other users have also come to order, including Beijing, Shenzhen, Jiaxing, Xiamen and other places of the user, and some military equipment at a garment factory also come to buy. It has been used sewing machines Cheerful fourth generation customers reflect: 100% RICHPEACE equipment product quality standards, work efficiency can be increased by four times one person can replace four people work for the apparel companies significant savings in manpower!.
Advantages of the fourth generation of the machine in that: (1) fully automatic computer control, instead of "one man, one engine" mode; long sewing machines simultaneously, can greatly improve production efficiency; to achieve a production volume of clothing, automation, and procedures . (2) a high degree of automation templates sewing process, complete all-electric control, without human intervention, automatically shut down after the sewing is finished replacing the template; equipment is easy to learn, does not require skilled professional sewing machine operators, reduces the need for high-tech dependent persons. (3) automatic stencil sewing unit, controlled by the electronic control stitch, stitch formation of complex and diverse, difficult patterns can be sewn, performance markedly superior to the traditional sewing machine. (4) cutting production data and template template sewing stitch data from the same design data, eliminating the need for sewing stitches making, improve the stitch quality, the deletion of the template design aspects; can reduce the failure rate of sewing, improve the rate of qualified products to achieve the simplification and standardization of production processes. (5) The design and layout templates template technology can be more scientific and precise arrangements for assembly-line, make the pipeline more rationalized, fine, precise and formal, which can effectively control production costs, reduce stress production personnel, shorten production cycle.
Template sewing system palms attack
As the fourth generation of the founder of the sewing machine, sewing and garment industry in order to further improve standards and efficiency of the process, Cheerful followed also introduced the "fourth generation automatic template sewing system" in the advanced systems include three subsystems : Cheerful apparel CAD system template, Cheerful template for laser cutting machine and sewing machine Cheerful automatic template.
First, Fu Yee garment CAD software template: In the grading, layout, graphics, based on the use of CAD software package brought some automatic sewing function, the collar of clothes, flap, open the bag, breast, and other parts of the placket size designed, and the template for laser cutting machine interaction, thereby cutting out the material needed for a template. The specific steps: automatic sewing files - automatically generated files - Automatic output file.
Second, Cheerful template for laser cutting machine: clothing template that is used in the field of garment processing, garment CAD software designed by grooving, cutting laser cutting machines and other equipment on PVC, PC, acrylic plates and other materials, and through a combination of late stick pick up, as the garment sewing process auxiliary clamp. Cheerful intelligent cutting equipment used primarily Cheerful template for laser cutting machine, it has previously not dominant functional devices: laser cutting template ensures smooth edges, not to hurt the clothes; high-speed cutting, high efficiency, energy saving materials; Special construction work platform high corrosion resistance, easy to clean up debris and dirt, long-term use will not change type; unique upper and lower exhaust structure to be effective in the production of smoke and odor generated from the outdoors, no smell, in line with environmental requirements.
Third, Cheerful automatic sewing machine template: In the current garment enterprises rely entirely on a single head sewing industry background, Cheerful template revolutionary sewing clothing pieces to complete the long-sewn entirely automated, so that one person controls a sewing machine head into a person can control multiple head, improve work efficiency and reduce operating costs. Cheerful template computer-controlled sewing machine track, XY template to move the existing bump from the industry guide, improved to totally unobstructed automation and control, increasing the life cycle of the template, while the skill requirements of the operator greatly reduced - The advantages of the status quo in the face of the industry shortage of skilled workers has greatly broadened the base template development staff. In addition, the template of the original itinerary curved arm inside the machine frame unilateral move into the unlimited frameshift around, which makes the sewing area increases theoretically doubled, greatly expanding the scope of application templates, while implementing complex stitches sewn simplistic. Therefore, Cheerful template sewing machine in terms of labor costs, pieces style, social benefits, have made a breakthrough.
It can be said, Cheerful advent of the fourth generation of sewing machines, sewing equipment industry is in an unprecedented revolution, will drive the next leap the entire garment industry, the garment industry to upgrade equipment to provide strong support force.
Adhere to two years the main industry
Registered in the country since 1993 "Cheerful" Chinese trademark counting, "Cheerful" brand this year is just the 20th anniversary. 20 years China is in rapid transition, many private enterprises have not been able to resist the temptation, "transformation" finally become a "switch", and even gradually disappeared. But Cheerful 20 years, always adhere to standardized management, bent stick to the main business entity, has developed a resounding success.
Cheerful chairman Li Jinning to the development goals of the enterprise is - to achieve the apparel industry, "three": design computerization, automation, management and information technology. This is the entrepreneurial mind Cheerful, also Cheerful purposes and historical mission!
"We want to help garment industry to achieve four one percent: to improve the quality of 1%, the profit rose 1%, 1% cost reduction, energy consumption decreased by 1% we do not particularly think of stealing a hundred years, but I hope one day Cheerful exist. . it is necessary for society to do something useful, "Wang Junling said:" There is no prosperous industry sectors, not to mention the steady development of enterprises, we have the responsibility and obligation to the industry to create a healthy functioning of the business environment and atmosphere. to a certain height, it should promote the industry forward. "

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