2011 sewing machine corporate management approach

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 From later this year, in March, domestic sewing equipment market all of a sudden light down, traffic fell very quickly, to the end of April, a lot of colleagues of business almost stopped, and this is a general phenomenon of bias.
Last year, hard worker recruitment also relieve severe state, and now recruitment is not so difficult, you want to increase the number of employees, as well as too many people to applicants, companies can actually choose applies, now pick one enterprise a. Bit more than at any time because the needs of people to choose from. It is said to be off a lot of small workshops near home sewing machine manufacturing units, the release of a number of staff, making recruitment no longer nervous now. This phenomenon is said, "business is really light down."
Source using the sewing machinery and equipment, of course, the textile and garment enterprises. Since two years, rising raw material, staff wages rise, the RMB exchange rate has gone up for sale abroad, the domestic garment enterprises to survive. Not just the outward migration of foreign factory, is the owner of the domestic capital also followed the manufacturing base of the garment industry to foreign move. Sharply reduce the amount of sewing machinery and equipment, is followed by the domestic garment industry less in proportion to the change, we all see and understand. So when the domestic garment industry will be better together?
Raw materials prices could drop it? The domestic cost of living can come down so that wage workers may get cut down? RMB exchange rates will drop by 10-15% it? The answer is above all impossible. So the garment industry has probably not flow back, while sewing machinery sales in the domestic market, the possibility of selling it again not too high.
Small small workshop sewing machine factory is basically close hand, because they change jobs quickly, go do something else.
Sized plant, to see if there is not a list of exporting cheap grab to fill it, because some of the clothing industry with cost considerations have been transferred to foreign countries, export orders still have a little, you can fill out the current spare capacity. The large sewing machinery enterprises more difficult to turn to the Czech Republic and Xi'an standards, for example, annual reports of listed companies which are displayed both in the domestic market volume of business, which accounts for the company's total business volume of more than 7 percent, If this year's domestic business is bad, so this year the two listed companies this year they could not make money.
Taiwan stock listed company Silver Arrow Collins right in this round of competition is outstanding. Gao Lin a few years ago by domestic bargain contestants, pushed outward to the development of his share of the domestic market sales accounted for only 25% of its total business volume of less than Gao Lin's business focus has been distributed around the world, so this year's Lin is also the case of high performance is excellent, thanks to his overseas orders.
Sewing Machinery companies now are nothing really big companies, large international companies in Europe after America's drained, in exchange for second-line companies to become the industry's leading soldiers. Gao Lin's outstanding can be said, "Xiu no general, Liao Hua do pioneer" phenomenon. We do not see this imitation is how the business has become a pioneer in the industry model student.
1. Focus on high-precision sewing machine package, Beng sewing machine.
Both models of precision quality requirements, focus on the details of the manufacturing process, can grab a single low-cost domestic enterprises extensive practice, grated make a market. Not seeking to do very complex, specializing in high prices and several large models, he is very much aware of their own conditions and fully play to its advantages in manufacturing. Other hotels counterparts emphasize variety, what models are, they can not build as high as I'm strong contestant force. Recently even the Japanese heavy machine company have high forest companies to buy machinery affix the Japanese brand, heavy machine and bought a high forest stocks strengthen further bilateral cooperation, which is specialized in the production of quality and price has been affirmed.
2. Do not rush involved in computer-controlled electromechanical products in one, not ready to be the main reason.
Computer-controlled electromechanical unity of sewing machines is a challenge to be met immediately. Gowlings no such product, except to say its ability to master the management level have not talent in this area, we have not committed to the development of such products, does not mean that expertise to do the traditional mechanical products and wide large capacity, you can sit back and relax to live . But Japan Pegasus and Japanese sewing machine is now only traditional mechanical sewing equipment, did not involved in computer-controlled electromechanical products in one, the reason is difficult to cultivate talent to master computer-controlled sewing plant is not only ----- terms of salary, as well as the future development of the surface, are difficult to meet this talent.
3. To avoid price competition in the domestic market.
A large domestic market, producers and marketing costs geographical sewing equipment in close proximity, the producer of the product to facilitate the user's hand, if the quality is not good to be returned, the cost of this transaction is small, so to enter the market The threshold is low, competition fierce. Coupled with sewing equipment manufacturing threshold is low, sewing equipment manufacturers too much, bad price competition makes the domestic market unprofitable. So I'm avoiding the high domestic market, domestic sales accounted for only 20% of its total turnover of less than. Less than 15% a few years ago. I'm not a high price competition in the domestic market to do.
4. Central and South America accounted for 50% of overall sales turnover. ---- Profit center.
I'm perusing high earnings, export ratio can be seen over the years, both at about 80%. The largest export market in the Americas, accounting for 50% of overall turnover. Even so well-known to the Latin American market information, it is difficult to imitate domestic counterparts to join the competition. ------- Need to set up sales offices in the Americas in Miami.
Usually small sewing plant did this money go to the United States to establish a foothold, but the company has been in the same industry operations.
Because Central and South America to China is far away, every country markets and small, must take a large amount of goods inventories in the United States in Miami, shipment after receiving the guests can handle orders, customer complaints to save transportation time, and immediately place inside. Czech Republic / Jack are existing US sales representatives, other business colleagues they could not split this pie.

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