Da seng NC: Customers are God their interests

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  • Exhibition site, when the reporter went to the central stadium, saw a group dressed in orange T-shirt buyers around the front of three machine smile, the reporter could not help went to see the staff of the booth was holding forth to buyers They explain something. In view of this, the world's clothing and shoes of the person in charge of network correspondents special booth exclusive interview.
    It is understood that this company's full name is Dalian-NC Technology Development Center, Inc., this is their third time exhibiting the. The trip to the purpose of exhibition is mainly because, this year, the overall situation of the industry is not very good, then your business can not become developed, the new machine is not out of the promotion, the show's purpose is to recommend to the buyers have some of their own research and development new products. Turning north and south of this phenomenon when the enterprise, the official point of view is very real, he said, "has his advantages, some local state-owned enterprises it is a new brand, and now we only take into account a the price of the issue. "
    "At present, some technical problems on the machine has been popular, nothing is insurmountable, and no technology is unique, but that we have a customer base of some more localized than other companies, they are not coming to squeeze. "The person in charge of the case said, their business philosophy is" service-oriented, the best interests of profit to customers. " It is reported that the company's market range of radiation around the provinces of Shandong, Hebei, Zhejiang, there is no export, but only that conduct operations for the entire north and coastal markets.
    Currently, the company has not yet apply Limited title, the whole enterprise is in a slow growth period. Fish can be said that such a business or the entire market can safely so precise, how, those larger than he should then be the focus of why businesses struggling transfer it?
    "Do their own products, good customer service" This 12-character mantra, the reporter that applies to every company.

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