Xingchi Philosophy: Only off-season thoughts, never off-season market

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In latest years, the market of apparel industry continues being depressed. The quick increase of the cost of various productive factors in the coastal areas and the obvious transfer trend of industry from coastal areas to western regions make the sewing equipment industry market become more stagnant and make Shenzhen’s sewing equipment companies more difficult to survive. As the Shenzhen’s Sewing Equipment Industry Association, what we should do is to guide the enterprises to develop in a healthy and ordered way, but not to be downhearted for the present predicament. A boat sailing against the current must forge ahead or it will be driven back. The more depressed the industry is, the more active we should be to find the opportunity and outlet. Therefore, Shenzhen’s Sewing Equipment Industry Association organize more than 20 famous national sewing enterprises to cooperate with Fashion SZ show in order to seize the opportunity together and realize the seamless integrate between Shenzhen sewing industry and Shenzhen apparel enterprises.

Zhu Wa expressed that as the most well-equipped sewing region, Shenzhen has a relatively complete industrial chain. He thought that through together attending this sewing equipment exhibition, Shenzhen’s sewing equipment industry will more understand the need status of apparel market to the sewing equipments so that it can guide the sewing enterprises to develop the more effective, more energy-saving, more environment-friendly and more intelligent frontier technology, and utilize the advantage of complete industry chain to promote the apparel industry to finish the transformation and upgrading.

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