Shenzhen Xingchi Sewing Equipment sponsored to learn Leifeng's spirit

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The anniversary of learning Leifeng’s spirit in March 3rd is coming sooner. In order to inherit the spirit of Leifeng, on March 2nd, 2016, the Party Branch of Shenzhen’s Sewing Equipment Industry Association and Shenzhen Volunteer Association U station jointly held a two-day activity to learn Leifeng’s spirit in Citic City Plaza of Futian district. Shenzhen Xingchi Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd, China-Sewing-Machine, Meining Iron and Wanyang Sewing Machine sponsored the activity supplies.
The activity of learning Leifeng’s spirit attracted many citizens’ attention at the beginning. After the citizens knew that the staff could freely alter clothing, sew personalized pattern and their favorite Chinese flag icon for them, they all went back home and brought their old clothes to the event to ask the sewing master to alter clothing, change zipper, and iron clothes. Some citizens even put off their coats and let the workers to sew a Chinese flag on them.
During the activity, all machines operated in full load. They never stopped from morning to night. In two days, the staff freely sewed more than three hundreds apparels and embroidered more than four hundreds flag icons for citizens, which gained a lot of favorable comment from citizens.
This activity also got the attention from Shenzhen Economic Daily and Shenzhen Satellite TV. Zhu Wa, the secretary-general of Shenzhen’s Sewing Equipment Industry Association accepted the interview. He said, “This volunteer activity will encourage much more people to participate into the team of helping others and devoting themself. It could also advocate citizens to follow the fine traditions of being diligent and hardworking. Embroidering flag icons on citizens’ favorite clothes  could enhance people’s patriotic consciousness and let everyone feel proud of being a Chinese.”
Although the sunshine was so harsh in the two days and all staff’ faces were tanned. However, thinking that they could really help people in need by attending  this kind of volunteer activity to offer free services, they felt it is meaningful and they were very happy.
The activity was ended up, but the spirit of Leifeng are still in our mind. Shenzhen Xingchi Sewing Equipment Co., Ltd sponsored this activity of learning Leifeng is to develop the Leifeng’s spirit with practical actions and help more people.


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