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Shenzhen Xingchi Sewing Equipment CO.,LTD is founded in July 1996. Our company’s initial service is mainly door service. With excellent technology, reasonable fees and sincere service, we are honor by customers as Shenzhen's "sewing hospital" Over the years, our company adheres to serve as the core concept. In October 2004 we got the dealership of Gaolin brand sewing machine in Shenzhen. From now on we took the first step from service to sales. Through many years, with good sales channel and strong technical services, we successfully brought the Shenzhen market within three years coupled with excellent high-quality Gaolin brand sewing machine. The company was able to earn the first pot of gold. The company has thousands of customers in the Shenzhen market and a group of dynamic, skilled maintenance team.

The average ten factories in Shenzhen have a sewing machine to Gaolin brand sewing machine. Gaolin brand has been deeply branded in the hearts of customers. The company also expanded from the original operating room of over 50 square meters to the current 1,000 square meters, and two maintenance personnel from three to today's 20. In 2012 The company was also elected as the vice president and Secretary General unit of Shenzhen sewing industry Association, which is good for the future development and laid a solid foundation.

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